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Leak Detection

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Leaks are one of a few serious problems you have to be vigilant for when you have a pool. A leak anywhere in your system could potentially cause serious damage, not only to your pool system but other parts of your home, depending on the location and severity of the leak. Determining both the severity and location of the leak, and whether you even have one at all, can often be difficult due to a number of different factors. Our leak detection service can help you get to the bottom of it all.

Leak Detection

A leak anywhere in your pool system can be a serious problem. As a result, if you think you are experiencing a problem with a leak, you need to act quickly determine the source of the problem and get it fixed. That’s something our pool leak detection Pembroke Pines service can help with. We can do a leak detection test and quickly determine whether or not there’s a leak in your system. This is the best way to get real peace of mind and ensure that something can be done about the leak, so you can avoid any major or serious problems, such as water damage.

Major Problems

A leak in your pool has the potential to cause all sorts of major problems. Water getting into the wrong part of your system could cause serious damage. It could also result in water damage around your home or property as well, and even drive up your water bill each month. This is why, if you think there’s a leak in your pool, it’s important to act fast and call our professional service to help you determine if you have a problem.

Signs of A Leak

As mentioned, leaks can be a serious and major problem. Thankfully, there are some warning signs you can be on the lookout for so you can act before the problem becomes a real headache. Obviously, noticeable water loss is one of the most common signs. Generally speaking, if your pool experiences water loss of more than a ¼ inch of water a day this can be sign there’s a problem. Having to fill your pool up more than once a week because of water loss is also another common sign of a leak somewhere in your system.  Being vigilant can help you prevent any major issues.

Proper Preparation

Proper preparation is very important before you have leak detection done. Otherwise, it can be hard to get an accurate assessment and determine whether or not your pool is actually leaking. Part of this making sure that your pool is properly cleaned and vacuumed before any test is done. This might seem like another hassle, but it’s really not with our service. That’s because our Pembroke Pines pool cleaning service can also do the preparation work that’s required to conduct a leak detection test. So, you can get an accurate reading and gain peace of mind either way.

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