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Pool Resurfacing

professional pool maintenance service

Beyond the general maintenance that’s regularly required to look after your pool, such as cleaning, there’s also the long term viability of your pool that you need to consider. Years of wear and tear can often leave there mark, especially where the surfacing of your pool is concerned. Whether you have tiles, concrete or even plaster surfacing, it will eventually need to be replaced in order to undo the wear and tear that can occur. Our expertise when it comes to pool resurfacing, means you can easily replace your pool surface and look after the long term health of your pool.

Pool Resurfacing

Pool resurfacing is another important pool maintenance service that we specialize in providing. This is the process where the old surfacing, whether it’s tiles or some other material, is removed and a new one is installed. Our pool resurfacing Pembroke Pines service can make the whole process easy and hassle free. How often you need to have your pool resurfaced depends entirely on the type of material that you have. Failing to have your pool resurface when it’s required can potentially result in a number of problems, so it is something that you need to stay on top of.

Why Is Resurfacing So Important?

One of the most common question people ask when it comes to resurfacing there pool is why is it so important? Well, there’s a number of reasons why having your pool resurfaced is necessary. Most importantly, it’s designed to repair any damage caused by ongoing wear and tear. If there’s cracks, or other similar damage, in your pool this can lead to range of problems. It could result in leaks, which could damage your essential pool equipment list or cause other major issues, and it can create health concerns with the water in your pool. Damaged surfacing can also ruin the aesthetic appeal of your pool.

A Range of Options

There’s a number of different materials that are suitable for pool surfacing. As part of our resurfacing services we provide all of the common options. This includes concrete, plaster, tiles and even pebble. Each of course has their benefits, and which one you choose depends largely on what you want to achieve and the budget that you have. Plaster is the cheapest option, but concrete and pebble provide greater durability. If aesthetic quality is your most important concern then tiles are probably the best option, as there’s a wide range of colors, patterns and designs that you can choose from.


When it comes time to have your pool resurfaced, we understand that one of your major concerns will be the cost of having such work done. So, what’s the cost you can expect if you need to have pool resurfaced? This of course depends on a number of different and important factors, such as the size of your pool and material that you want to use. For more information about the cost, you can get in touch with our team.

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